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When you walk into a private meeting with someone, you are assuming that your conversation will be kept private too. Unfortunately, nowadays you cannot be so sure. If the meeting is taking place outside of your office, they may have already prepared the area with some sort of listening device. If the meeting is in your office, a hired specialist may have planted a bug while you were not looking. You can't see a bug.

The fact is, security breaches can come from and be hidden anywhere- it could have been placed by a janitor, disgruntled employee or even an outside vendor. You can never be completely certain of your area's security.

Remember- competitors are always interested in your business secrets. A discussion with your marketing department about a planned campaign can cost you thousands in lost research time. If you have a bug, someone else will benefit from your hard work simply because they 'overheard' it. Your company cannot afford to risk this type of information leak- these are the types of losses that cause a company to go out of business.

While you may be able to trust the person you are meeting with, there is no telling who else is hearing the conversation. This is why you must make sure your location has not been bugged.  With our Z-RO BUG, you can do just that.

The NO-BUG will scan the area for any type of planted or nearby listening device. It will then discretely notify you if it finds one. This includes UHF, FM, Wi-Fi and cell phone listening devices.  Use it, and you can be certain there are no unwanted listeners spying on your conversation.

But it isn't just business owners that should be concerned about the security of their conversations. Anyone is in danger of being spied on by others; your home is not a guarantee of protection from audio surveillance.  Even in your own domain, someone could be listening to, or watching your every move. They want information, and they donít care about your privacy when they try to get it.

How would they get into your home? Unscrupulous home owners could hide devices within the home to spy on their renters. Repairmen may have been hired to place a bug in your kitchen or bedroom. Unless you use a device like the NO-BUG, you may never know you are being monitored.

The NO-BUG can recognize a bug and pinpoint its location. Simply hold it in your hand and press the simple controls to begin a scan. Whenever it is close to a listening device, its alarm will either beep or vibrate.  Using that same alarm, the NO-BUG also reveals how close that listening device is.  By paying attention to how high the pitch is or how frequent the vibrations are, you can find it and remove it.  

The NO-BUG has a built-in rechargeable battery and included charger. It comes with a one year warranty.

Maintaining privacy in today's world is important for both individuals and businesses. To a competitor, sensitive business information is extremely valuable. For individuals, the ability to have privacy in your own home is fundamental. Purchasing a device to detect and block bugs is a small investment compared to how much you could stand to lose.
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We make shipments world wide


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Xray glasses see through clothes.

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Xray glasses see through clothes.

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