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Do you remember what life was like before everyone had cell phones? For those of you who do not, it was a lot quieter. While cell phones have made it easier to communicate with people anywhere that you are, they have also blurred the lines of where you can expect to find peace and quiet.

There is a solution to this problem: prevent the use of cell phones. Some locations have begun this practice- asking visitors to restrict their cell phone usage for the comfort of everyone. It's not hard to see places where this is encouraged. Go to a library, some restaurants, and even hospitals and you will see signs clearly asking people not to use their cell phones.

But human nature makes it no surprise that many people do not obey these simple requests - continuing to take and make calls no matter the inconvenience to others.  You can stop them- without them ever knowing it was you.

Cell phone jammers can quiet all of the calls with one push of a button. With our models of cellular jammers, you can easily stop calls from taking place in up to an 80 foot radius.  With that distance of coverage, there is no chance you will be forced to hear anyone's conversation.

Does this seem a little inconsiderate? Think again. You work hard and deserve to have the peaceful experiences you pay for. Your night out at a restaurant should not be interrupted by the phone conversation occurring at the next table. Your trip to a movie theater should not include altercations because you had to ask someone to turn off their cell phone ringer. You and everyone else in the establishment have spent their hard-earned money to enjoy freedom from cell phone distractions. When you use a cell phone jammer to stop incoming and outgoing calls, you are providing a service.

You would think that most people would understand the general courtesy of providing a distraction-free environment in certain situations, but they do not. This could be for a variety of reasons. Perhaps they are ignorant to the fact that they are being disruptive. Maybe they are unable to read the signs asking for no cell phone use. Maybe even, they don't care about your inconvenience. 

This is often seen in public areas and businesses that promote tranquility. Visitors to these areas may not realize that their cell phone is preventing you from meditating during yoga class. Those who visit the library only to browse the Internet may forget that it is supposed to be a place for quiet reading and studying.  A potential customer in the lobby of a massage therapist may not understand that their conversation is distracting from your therapy.

Instead of confronting these people, it is much easier to jam their calls. They will be able to make phone calls once they have left your quiet zone. It will even stop any conversation in progress. Using our pocket sized jammer, or the very discrete invisible antenna jammer, it is as simple as pressing a button.

Having a cell phone jammer not only quiets the excess conversation many of us are forced to endure, it can also protect your privacy. How do you know if the person in the back of the room isn't actually recording your phone call? It may look like they are having a conversation, but in fact they are eavesdropping on you! What about the business meeting discussing sensitive trade secrets? Did the gentleman in the back leave to use the bathroom, or is he calling his broker? You can use the cell phone jammer to keep these and any other unauthorized phone conversations from happening.

Our cell phone jammers come in two models, each including built-in rechargeable batteries and charger. They are both designed to fit in a pocket; the invisible antenna model can additionally be disguised inside of a cigarette box.

Using a cell phone jammer can protect you and improve your quality of life. The fact is, there are times and situations where phone conversations should not occur. Whether you desire freedom from other people's distraction, or need to ensure that sensitive information is not communicated to outside parties, a cell phone jammer will fulfill your needs.
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Xray glasses see through clothes.

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