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Do you remember the cardboard magic glasses that you could get from the local comics store? You know the ones that displayed invisible messages for only you to read? It was always fun to see what secret message they would decode. What if those glasses weren't just a toy? What if you could actually write secret messages and view them with special technology?

This is truly a reality with the invisible ink pen and stylish invisible ink glasses, and it couldn't have come any quicker.

Protect Your Privacy

In today's world your privacy is worth more than it ever was. Criminals are stealing your personal information for their selfish gains. Whereas as a child you may have been concerned about Johnny figuring out your secret crush, today you must be concerned about a stranger discovering your social networking password.

That is why invisible ink technology is so important today.

With these pens you can record information that you do not want strangers, or even roommates to discover. Write down your important information without having to worry about anyone copying it down and using it against you.

How Invisible Ink Works

With invisible ink, you are able to write in a spectrum that the human eye is unable to see. You can use the pen to write your message on any surface and know that no one will be able to read it without specialized lenses. The lenses, stylishly designed to resemble common sunglasses, can be worn to reveal your writing. This is because they have the capability to see the spectrum that the ink is displayed in.

Daily Use

It is very easy and useful to incorporate invisible ink technology into daily life. If you live in a joint living arrangement, such as a college dorm - this would be an ideal way to maintain your privacy. This is also a useful tool to have in the work setting. With one simple pen, you can prevent snooping co-workers from stealing your ideas. 

Some things you could do with these glasses include: preventing confidential projects from being leaked to competitors; planning out surprise events for unknowing recipients;  jotting down private notes to yourself; or even drawing schematics for a device that's in development.  Sure, there are some that would use these glasses for less than honest goals, (such as writing down answers to a test, or marking cards),


 but the seemingly endless list of honest things you can do with these glasses outweighs the bad.

And what if the pen happens to fall into the wrong hands? No worries. The pen is so discrete; no one will know that it writes in invisible ink. If anything, they will think it is out of ink and leave it alone.


You may purchase them by clicking on the following link invisible ink glasses


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We make shipments world wide


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Xray glasses see through clothes.

Xray Glasses

Monitor mobile phone conversations

Listen To Both Sides Of a Cell Phone Conversation No Software Installation On The Target Phone

Smallest wireless spy cameras, view and record anyone! anywhere! anytime!

Small Wireless Spy Cameras

Fiberscopes, see inside rooms without opening a door.

Fiber Optics Scope See Inside Other Rooms Without Opening a Door |Passive No Batteries Needed


All purpose thermal imaging camera, for personal use, for security, view energy leaks, detect trouble spots in homes and buildings etc.

Thermal Imaging Camera

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Give Them This Phone And You'll Know Every Behavior They Make.

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Lifeproof Waterproof for iPhones and Samsung Dive In To Pools | Even Wash It In The Shower

Xray glasses see through clothes.

Hidden cameras that works with your phone with no distance limit.





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