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The ability to collect audio intelligence is critical to knowing what people are doing.  Perhaps your spouse is having a secret affair, or your employee is stealing from you. With advanced intelligence that includes voice transmitters, you are able to figure out what is really going on and protect yourself or your livelihood. Voice transmitters are devices that are able to transmit audio from one place to another. Most people call them 'bugs'.  In today's world of advanced technology, the ability to collect information with easy to use 'bugs' is no longer limited to top government spies.

 The Q-Phone Pro is an ordinary looking phone with extraordinary listening abilities. Give this phone to someone that you want to collect intelligence on to have the ability to listen to all of their calls and receive all of their text messages. The phone works with an activated master phone, which can be any phone as long as it has been set up to be the master. To start using the phone as a detective tool, simply send a couple text messages to the Q-Phone Pro.  It can then be used to listen to any live conversations had on the phone, automatically deliver all text messages the phone sends and receives to the master phone or even as a voice transmitter when the phone is not in use. The phone works with all SIM card based mobile carriers.



The ZEN BUG is also a powerful voice transmitter that is able to pick up even a whisper from 35 feet away. Tiny and virtually undetectable, this small device is no bigger than 2 inches on its longest side. Place the Q Bug anywhere and have the ability to listen to voices and other audio information from anywhere in the World. The ZEN BUG requires a SIM card that is inserted into the device. Any working SIM card, even a pre-paid one, will work with the device. To begin using it, simply send a text message to the number associated with the SIM card. Similar to the Q-Phone Pro, the device will now recognize that phone as the Master Phone, and you will be able to listen to audio information collected by the device from the privacy of your own phone.



Both devices are able to be used from anywhere in the World. The Q Phone Pro can be given to someone in Argentina and be monitored in Denmark. The ZEN BUG can be set up in an office in Hong Kong while being monitored remotely in New York. The SIM card based technology of these two devices knows no distance limitation, allowing you truly free access to the audio information you desire. When you are ready to check in on what the devices are hearing, simply call into the activated SIM card for real time access.  THAT IS POWERFUL !

For local investigative tasks, UHF listening devices can serve the needs of most detectives.  UHF devices do not use SIM cards and are not attached to a master phone. They transmit their audio feed through a signal that is only picked up by a UHF receiver. UHF listening devices are local devices in that they are limited 300 meters. With a compatible UHF receiver, the signal from these bugs can be accessed as long as it is within the distance limitations.

There are many types of UHF devices, each with their own benefits. A pen transmitter is a useful way to gain voice transmissions as a pen is typically kept nearby during conversations

while a UHF transmitter calculator is sure to stay on an employee's desk.

The crystal controlled UHF pen comes with a silver oxide battery that can last up to 100 hours, while the calculator lasts 8 days. There are also UHF voice transmitters that do not require a separate power supply. The phone line splitter and electrical outlet adapters are stationary bugs that are powered while they are being used.  The phone line splitter is powered by the telephone line and is used to listen to landline telephone conversations.

The electrical outlet adapter is powered by the electrical socket it is plugged in to and are useful for accessing audio intelligence in a room.  Available in many styles to fit electrical socket world wide, click here for details.

There are also USB device cables and USB powered computer mouse that can travel with their intended user as well as serve as powerful room bugging devices within a 300 meter distance.

These devices all work with UHF receivers, such as the pocket sized UHF receiver, to listen and record the conversations picked up. The pocket sized receiver does not require any batteries and comes with an included ear piece.

Its detective can simply begin listening to the receiver whenever they wish; switching between channels to determine which device they would like to receive signals from. The receiver can listen to three separate UHF channels. Channels A B and C.

For example you may have one pen on channel A in the meeting room one calculator on channel B on the cashier's desk and one mouse on channel C on the production manager's desk.

The receiver can also be connected to any voice activated recorder to save captured audio for playback at a later time. Rather than having to call in and catch valuable audio intelligence as with the SIM card based bugs, you can just turn on the receiver, switch to the channel that you would like and just listen in. It's that simple.

The vast selection of voice transmitters makes collecting audio intelligence a less daunting task. With listening devices that are able to travel the world, and be hidden in plain sight, individuals, companies and families can know what is going on at any time.

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Xray glasses see through clothes.

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Xray glasses see through clothes.

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